What happened to the old blog?

I used to write a blog long before this one. About 9 years ago, when I broke up with my girlfriend I started to write not one, but eventually three different blogs. All revolved around my main activities back then.

One was a photo blog, which I maintained quite rarely, to be honest. The second was basically me “being emo” about the breakup. Today, I’m not sure why I even had that. The third one, however, was the main beast. A general interest personal blog, like this one, covering bits and pieces about my life and things I enjoy.

screengrab of the wordpress admin section

And over the course of nearly four years, I have managed to write up quite a lot. 349 blog posts, 23 pages, all garnished with reader engagement in 254 comments. Quite a nice set of numbers, for a personal random blog. I used to be a taxi driver, while I was in an apprenticeship as a software developer. I went to sneak previews nearly every week, commenting about the movie itself and about the people around me. And, of course, everyday items also found their way in.

The main portion, however, have been both Taxi stories and cinema sneak previews; both things that disappeared with the move to Ireland. I struggled for a while to come up with new and interesting stories but eventually, I simply gave up. There were more reasons to it, though. One being that my domain provider vanished from the surface of the earth leaving me with nothing but my backups; another one that I desperately wanted to come up with a kind of dual language approach, that I never managed, in part due to my poor English skills at the time.

Fast forward to today. One of my friends and colleagues “dragged” me into attending WordCamp Vienna this year, a good 5 years after I stopped writing. I thought that getting out to experience something new was a good thing and, well, my expectations have been exceeded, to say the least. It was enough to get me to change my vacation to be able to attend WordCamp Europe in Paris. And to start this blog.

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