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In Enjoy the Little Things I already spoke about how important it is to take a moment and, well, enjoy the little things. We take a lot of things granted in our day to day life and often enough we realise that we should not have. This becomes especially true when you move abroad.

Back home we know what to get where. We know about our supermarkets, the favourite clothing shop, the hobby shop that provides our favourite items and so on. That all suddenly changes when you move abroad. A frequent question that I had when I moved first to Ireland was: “Where do I get THAT?”

Almost every time I was able to find an answer to that question. Or at least a workaround. When I tried to bake a german cheesecake, I substituted “Schichtkäse” with Quark. And since I only found one with 0% fat, I stretched it with a bit of cream. On top of that, figuring out that “Vanillepudding” is basically a vanilla custard, and both exist as a powder ready to make, was almost too easy. Original recipe? Not at all. But it works.

Some other things, however, are painfully absent from day to day life. Cold cuts other than ham, for example, are basically nonexistent. Good bread is a pain to find and if you do, make sure that the 100% rye is baked all the way. Paprika flavoured chips? What is that?
You get the point. There are items that are “typically german” which you can not get here. At least not easily. But we have both Lidl and Aldi, this mitigates the impact a little. Sure enough, these things do not greatly affect my daily life. But every now and then it would be nice to have something that you do not have on a daily basis.

Which brings me back to the beginning and enjoying the little things. Today our “Offie des Vertrauens” (our “trustworthy Off License”) offered a german beer that I wholeheartedly enjoy and recommend if you are into darker beers. Köstritzer Schwarzbier, a black beer, originally from Bad Köstritz in Thuringia, but nowadays known in all of Germany. So tonight, I will be enjoying a not so little, little thing from back home.

Koestritzer Schwarzbier Bottle and Glass
Köstritzer Schwarzbier, image courtesy of Bitburger http://www.bitburger-braugruppe.de/

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