Ireland be like

This morning I had a real “this is Ireland” moment.

As mentioned in a previous post, I commute to work by bus. This means that I need to walk through the city centre in the early morning hours. The city is mostly quiet in these hours before the main business starts.

So today it was “raining cats and dogs” (A peculiar saying… I never understood why it is like that. In german we usually say that it is “pouring from buckets”). A type of weather where I would usually want to stay at home. That said, I am lucky to work in an office, so at least at work, I will stay dry.
On such a rainy day, there is one particular job that I would have not expected to see. Nevertheless, there he was this morning, a window cleaner. Cleaning the outside of a shop window. While the rain was hitting it pretty hard.

That’s Ireland. A surprise behind every corner. Every day anew.

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