The right time

Is there such a thing as “the right time” to do something?

Let us have a look online. You will find a lot of websites telling you the secrets of “the right time to change your job” or “the right time to travel”. But controversially, you also find the same statements negated. “Why it is never the right time to travel” is also easily found.

If I look at my personal history with the concept of the correct time to do something then, it is somewhat special as well.
Some said, that after finishing my apprenticeship it was the right time for me to spread my wings and get a job at a larger or different company. Others said that it would be a waste of time.
The same applied when I repeated the same class in 12th grade. A few people told me that with my results, it was the right time to do so. And I felt like this as well. Other opinions were that I should continue and push through. And a minority wanted me to just call it quits and do what I am really good at.

Today my opinion is that there is never the right time for anything. And yet it is the right one for everything. Anything that can happen, will eventually happen. In due time.

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