Enjoy the little things

I like movies. They have shown and taught me a lot of different things. From superheroism to villainy, from cooking to comedy, there is always an interesting topic around the corner.

Out of the vast amount of different screenplays that I have seen by now, quite a few leave their impression in a way to remember them on a daily basis. Like 2009’s Zombieland. Sure, it is a comedy that hit the nerve of time with its Zombie related theme, however, there are actual gems hidden in it that make it unforgettable. Like the rules that main character Columbus notes down in his little book.

As the title suggests, the one rule that has left an everlasting impression on me is #32 – Enjoy the little things. It is true that we do not do that often enough; I always end up reminding myself to take a step back and enjoy it for once. So as of writing this post, I am enjoying the sun. Something that we clearly need to do more often in a country like Ireland.

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