The wheels on the bus…

One of my main methods of transportation is using public services. Since tram, train, and metro are pretty much unknown in Irish cities other than Dublin, most of it happens to be the bus service operated by BusEireann. Getting used to how things run here can be quite challenging. Even more so if you are from a country where the little word “schedule” actually carries more meaning than “just a general set of guidelines”.

Today the bus I took to get to work was, in a rather unusual fashion, on time. More often than not public transportation involves guessing at which time the bus will be there; extra points are awarded for figuring out if the bus is late or if it is early.

So my usual connection to work arrives at my stop around 7:50. However, the schedule places the bus at either 7:20 or 8:00. And since the 7:20 usually drives past at around 7:15, the one I take is early.
And then there are situations like I experienced yesterday when two buses of the same line were at the bus stop around 17:50. Their schedule would place them at 17:40 and 18:00. Both early and late. Or late and extremely late.

So, what does that mean? Does it even have a specific meaning?
Well, as I see it, this is one of the beautiful things here. Everything works at its own pace. Sure, things get delayed and more often than not you are in a situation that, as a German, would be unthinkable. But that is also the beauty that a place like this holds. Life is not a series of exactly timed calendar appointments. Life flows and in the end, everything will work out. And it has, so far. So if that means that I should aim at a bus that leaves 20 minutes earlier, I can live with that.

#wcvie and #wceu

As part of my WordPress discovery journey, I have been attending WordCamp Vienna this year. Roped in by a colleague, I originally did not have anything on my agenda other than to be there.
Sure, I’ve written my own personal blog and I had worked with WordPress in the past, but it has been quite some time that I’ve been actively doing so.  My blog died ungracefully in 2011, partially because there were no interesting things to write as well as having killed off a few of my main topics due to the move to Ireland.

But alas, here we are, some six years later and out of the blue I am attending a conference on WordPress. And I liked it!

In fact, I liked it so much that after coming back home I created this blog and moved my vacation to accommodate for a last minute visit to WordCamp Europe. I have yet to work out how to get there and where to stay, but I’m sure that I’ll be able to get that sorted eventually. And if worse comes to worst, having to spend the night in the back of a car close to a motorway service station is not too bad.

After all, as my Irish friends would say,  I’m just “in for the craic!”

Hello world!

Now, this is new. The last WordPress installation that I actively edited was 2.8, so this 4.7.4 looks oddly new and yet familiar. One could say that a bit of time has passed since I last had a look at it.

But here we are, in 2017, five years have passed. Well, more seven than five. So as it is appropriate for a “first” post, I’ll leave you with:

Hello world!